Monday, 26 September 2011

More photos

I took this photo this afternoon while I was waiting for a friend to join me in a tearoom/cafe im my town.Not a bad view from where I was sitting!

Back to the Food Fair for asecond time.This time with the family Ruby had the giggles with Grandpa.They were jiggling around to this group below.Their name "Peel Your Own Spuds"!!!Original.

Emily having a go on the trampoline.

Here is Jean Christophe Novelli.We actually found it quite hard hearing what he said.His accent was very strong(but my hearing isn't the best).


  1. Lovely family photographs ... looks like you've all had a nice time!

  2. I love the view - where is it? Also love festivals and your lovely family photos!

  3. Great picture of C & Ruby, I showed Esther, before I said anything she said straight away 'ah Ruby, she always looks so beautiful and ready for a cuddle'

  4. It was the food festival over here in Nantwich as well last weekend. We didn't go to it this year but it looked busy as we drove through the town.