Saturday, 15 August 2009

Should we/shouldn't we?

Should we /shouldn't we get another cat.our beloved oscar died nearly 2 years ago and since then we have been undecided about getting another.Yesterday we came a step closer by going to the cat rescue where they had loads of kittens and a beautiful tabby who they think has been abandoned.He only came into the rescue on Thursday and they have to wait 10 days to see if he is claimed.He is about three months old.It is a huge commitment and we do go away quite a lot.Much food for thought.
Another shouldwe/shouldn't we is about buying a motorhome.We have talked about it for ages and if we don't do it soon it won't happen.More food for thought.


  1. Oh I know how you feel. We had a beloved chocolate labrador (just like Ted and amazingly called Oscar!) who died last April. We had had him from a puppy and he was 14 so had done well but oh how we miss him. This last week we've seen nothing but dogs and puppies and the boys are desperate to get another but you're so right about the commitment and the 'tie' they can be when you're going away. OH is not convinced it's the right step. Good luck on your decision - it's not an easy call xx

  2. Get the motorhome and take the cat with you on holiday. Whatever you decide to do good luck with it.