Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Here is a photo of my Violet green Harlequin socks.You won't believe how long it has taken me (and OH) to work this out!!I really enjoyed doing this pattern.
Today has been a gardening day.We have clipped ,cut, sheared and mown and it has taken us all morning.This afternoon we sat reading in the sunshine.Yes, sunshine here in North Wales!!We used to have a third of an acre garden which I loved but OH persuaded me that we should sell some of it as a building plot.Regrettably we now have a bungalow in the bottom half which we thought would be nice and quiet but they have 3 children and a very noisy dog.It has still left us with a decent size garden but just not the same as it was.
Wound some 2 ply last night just need a pattern for a shawl with inclusive borders.

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