Wednesday, 26 August 2009

What happens to the days?

I can't believe it is a week since I wrote anything and I am only going to write a little bit tonight as I don't think anyone is reading it!!!
My knitting has moved on a little bit.I have finished my Violet Green socks which are a beautiful colour(photo tomorrow).I started the Dane shawl with my Posh sock wool and then undid and have now started knitting Dane shawl for the second time.It's only because someone posted a photo of the finished article and it looked so good.


  1. Your posts are definitely being read, trust me. I've finished Mum's cardigan and I'm struggling with my shawl. I'm using 5mm needles and the loops look huge - I'm hoping that it will look a lot better once blocked.

  2. I'm reading too - honest! I've just been away for a while. Did you make a decision on the Kitty?