Saturday, 8 August 2009


I soaked my Tilia shawl for 20 minutes following some advice on Ravelry and then just kept pulling it.It has certainly ended up a couple of inches bigger than before but it was risky.I'm a novice to blocking but understand you can get blocking wires.
My socks are from the Violet Green sock club.You pay for 4 months and get a pack every month i.e 4 lots.A different pattern comes with each one and this to me is the challenge.I have 2 waiting to be done but they both look a bit tricky!! one has horizontal stripes in it!!
Thursday was sad day it that we had to go to the funeral of mt OH's last auntie.She was 85 when she died and had dementia.What also was sad that 2 of my OH's cousins were there and he didn't recognise them!!We moved away from our home town many years ago.I still keep in touch with all my cousins but i suppose that is the difference between men and women.
Friday I met my knitting friend and we put the world to rights and then went looking for a sat nav.Any recommendations gratefully received.
Today we have gardened and enjoyed the sunshine.


  1. Best sat nav I've ever found is my other half .... But unfortunately you can't have him. My 4 year old has inherited his amazing sense of direction and quite happily tells Mummy off for getting lost.

  2. We have a garmin sat nav and I really like it. Him indoors uses it for work and it usually gets him to where he needs to be. The only problem I have found is when you are in an area which is very new (eg new business park) and it shows you are in a field! It is worth having a look at some reviews on line before you buy one though, plus ours has a traffic alert which is very handy - it cost extra to buy in the first place but is not on a subscription basis like some I have seen. We have had it for about 2 years now and it has saved quite a lot of hours especially when we go across to Norfolk we dropped up to an hour off the journey time by being able to miss out the big towns and go around them! Hope that is of some help - any other questions then just ask.
    Am sorry to hear about the funeral it is always sad as the older generation depart and the family reunions get less, keeping in touch always seems to be the woman thing - that seems to be the case in most families!
    Thanks for the sock club feed back - I have done the baby beanstalk socks (still have one on the needles) and really like her patterns, maybe I will sign up when we get back from our hols!