Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Busy 2 days.

Yesterday we decided to have a little trip .We went to Quarry Bank mill( National Trust) in Cheshire.It was really interesting .They have recently started renovating the gardens of the mill owner's house and we wanted to see what they looked like.It has mostly been done by volunteers and they have done really well.We also went round the mill and the Apprentices' house.A lady in costume did the guided tour and it was good that there were children in our group who could relate to what it was like then for 9 year olds.But there was so much walking and so many steps that after 4 hours I was absolutely shattered.

Today I thought would be a quiet day.Oh was supposed to be playing golf this a.m but rain stopped play and it was postponed to this afternoon.Then the phone went and it was Sarah saying her washer had broken and could she come and bring all her holiday washing here.They arrived at 11a.m and 2 meals,umpteen washes and tumble dries later they have just gone.Mike jumped at the chance of a game of golf.S. bathed the girls and put them in their pjs ready for bed.

It has been a lovely couple of days but I may have to recover tomorrow.Maybe knit all day?

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  1. Sounds like you had fun as well! Hope you had a lovely rest and got lots of knitting done. This week has been so mad and I still have some washing to do before we go away. Am hoping to take lots of knitting away on holiday but I expect it will be busy then as well. Take care!