Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A busy day

Yesterday was a busy day.The Art Appreciation group that C and I go to had arranged a guided tour of Manchester City Art gallery.It is somewhere we often go but to have a guide makes it much more interesting.To stand in front of a painting and have it explained to you is really good and you just wish you could do the same with every picture.The guide particularly showed us the Pre Raphaelite paintings as most of us have been watching Desperate Romantics on BBC 2( with varying opinions on it).It was really enjoyable.Most people went on the train but we drove.It only took us 55 minutes but cost us £8 on the car park.
From there we went to Tatton(N.T) and had a walk round the gardens and some lunch.I had on my pedometer in the desperate attempt to lose some weight! I did 5,500 steps at Tatton so if I had had it on in Manchester it would have been a huge number.
Called on the way back at the Bead Trail at Blakemere and arrived home exhausted but felt we had had a great day.
Today has been somewhat quieter.A walk down and back to the market(3,000 steps) and a short shopping trip this afternoon.

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