Sunday, 7 November 2010

Worries about our daughter and my new car.

This my new car.Well,it isn't new.It's a 57 reg but it has only done 15,000 miles.Previously I had a C3 but it was 7 years old and we knew we would have to spend on it for the MOT.It really is an indulgence running two cars now we are retired but C and I have different interests and are often going in opposite directions.So we opted for this Toyota Aygo.£20 road tax and very economical.The trouble is I am not sure I like it!It sounds like sewing machine on wheels.I daren't admit to C I am not too sure.I will get used to it but I did love my C3.

On a more serious note.We are very worried about our daughter.She is a Type 1 diabetic and has been since she was three.She is now 38.A few weeks ago she changed hospitals and consultant.The new one made some comment to s that she would only live to 50.He has since withdrawn this and says she miscostrued what he was saying.This may be true but it is in Sarah's head.He also sent her to ,what she calls,a "fat" clinic.Not a good idea for low self esteem anyway.Plus as well her usual injections of insulin he gave her tablets which have made her nauseous.He insists she stays on them.She has two little girls and it is hard.We think she is sinking into depression.I am going over to see her tomorrow and hope we can have a good chat and stop her getting worse.Em will be in school and C will take Ru out.She has an appointment with her GP on Weds and hopefully she will let C go with her.


  1. I hope you sort her out - poor love. Some doctors have terrible "bedside manners". Perhaps she would get beeter advise from a nurse. xxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh dear! I agree with Diane .. I've found my nurses so much better to chat to about things. Some doctors are so bad at explaining what's going on! I would always advise having someone with you at important appointments. I found my husband heard things I didn't hear, and was able to ask questions I hadn't thought of... it really helped.
    Hope things improve.
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. Agree with Diane and Kathy; nurses are often better and more practical than doctors when seeking help and advice it's also good to have someone with you to 'take-in' what is being said - I do hope that your daughter will be reassured after another visit - she must feel so low - hope things improve soon:)

  4. It really makes me cross to hear stories about doctors - they can be so arrogant it is untrue. From something I heard a good few years ago it seems to be something they are taught at med school, I remember feeling very cross at the time and so said nothing to my friend but I have seen evidence as the years go by and I am so sad and sorry that your daughter was on the receiving end of some of this. Sending both you and her massive hugs and I hope you can help her get through this.
    Lots of love, Sxx

  5. I would be very inclined to make an official complaint about that clown - he obviously didn't bother to listen to the training dealing with how to reassure patients.

    I'm a Type 2 Diabetic on a lot of tablets to control it and every now and then they give me a very bad stomach - but my doctor has said that's something I will have to put up with as the only alternative is insulin. I'd like to stay off that as long as possible. I'm currently being assessed for a gastric band operation on the NHS - really hope I succeed as I cannot afford the £6000 to go private.
    I am also currently getting counselling for my depression and it has made such a difference to me - maybe your daughter would benefit from something like this.
    Whatever she decides to do I wish her all the very best and send loads of cuddles.