Saturday, 9 October 2021

Blogtober 9th Collections

 I can’t remember being a collector as a child.When we were first married we went to stay on the Isle of Arran in Scotland with C’s boss.She went there in a rented cottage every August for a month and we went to stay twice.While there she started us on keeping scrapbooks and also bought me a pottery owl.From there on I collected owls .Everyone bought me them.I have dozens,mostly now boxed up in the garage but I can’t get rid of them.I also like to collect Midwinter crockery.My favourite authors I like to have the whole collection..

My latest collection which has been going on for a few years is collecting postcards.I mainly collect Victorian and Edwardian ones,also comic ones,Raphael Tuck and Mabel Lucy Atwell.I buy them on eBay.I try and buy them with a postmark to date them accurately.It is fascinating searching for them and researching some history if I can.

Ah yes ,I have just started collecting Observer books.I only have six so far ,so early days.

Do you collect anything?See you tomorrow.


  1. When I was teaching I was head of owl house so of course I do have a few owls around including a fabric one used as a door stop. I bought an old observer book not long ago. Butterflies of course!

  2. I don't collect things as such but keep them, for instance I have a box full of old theatre programmes going back to 1965 of many of the plays and etc I've seen. Having said that I do (or did) buy postcards when I visited places and I have a couple of albums and a shoe box full of them. Now I have a camera I take photos instead. I do have one or two china and pottery cats around the house which have mostly been gifts:)

  3. I have owls too - I love my owl collection.

  4. I love owls and have quite a few crochet ones around the house. I try not to collect things because I really haven't got the room.