Thursday, 7 October 2021

Blogtober 7

 After a slow start we picked our daughter up to go to Leisure and Garden Centre.It is really different in that you walk around and there are lots of different stalls and displays.They also have a very nice coffee shop.I never ,normally,eat cakes,biscuits etc.I am more of a savoury fan.Packet of crisps etc.But today I could not resist a scone with jam and clotted cream.I cannot remember when I last had one.It was delicious,We saw a tree there that would really go in a good place in our garden but did not buy it.Instead ,we went to two other garden centres to see if they had similar.No.So we went back to this morning‘s visit and bought the tree,all with a petrol shortage.

I was so tired with the last couple of days and then today that I fell asleep at 6.30 pm and did not wake up until 8pm.I think a bad night is ahead.




  1. Hope you slept ok after all. Bet you can’t wait to plant that tree :)

  2. Glad you got the tree you wanted. Know what you mean about dropping to sleep early and then lying awake in the early hours:)