Sunday, 3 October 2021

Blogtober Oct 3rd

I decided I wanted to do some cross stitch so I rooted around and found this kit that I started some years ago and never got to finish.What are my chances of getting it finished for this Christmas.

 We had a cuppa round at Sarah’s this morning with her,Emily and Ruby and her husband Mike.We were asked to stay for lunch but declined.Ruby has two friends with COVID and although she is testing negative and we could keep our distance with people door open we didn’t want to risk sitting closely at a table.


  1. Probably wise to be cautious, I still feel uncomfortable in close confines with lots of folk - (but then I was before the pandemic!) Good luck with blogtober!

  2. I'm really sorry, I seem to have missed your recent posts - I'm not sure how as I should get notification.
    I think you are very wise to be careful. Covid is far from being reduced to 'just another virus' and I gather it can be most unpleasant, even when you get it lightly.
    The cross stitch is lovely.
    Is Blogtober just posting every day? I've not come across the term.