Friday, 8 October 2021

Blogtober 8th

 I didn’t sleep too badly at all.Our best friends who have moved to Royston called on their home to see us and our new home.They loved it ,as do we.We were sad to see them leave as we have had a great few days with them.The house is slick and span so no cleaning for a few days.

For a number of weeks we have been getting up in a morning to a few slug/ snail trails.We have examined every nook and cranny but could find nothing. We tried salt,slug pellets ,leaving the light on all night to no avail.Then tonight C noticed a slug at least an inch long on the carpet.Where has it been hiding.It has been dispatched into the garden and let’s hope that is the last of snail trails.   ….unless it has friends.

Anyone else had experience of this.

The book I started on Monday seems to be getting predictable but maybe there is a twist.

Back tomorrow.


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