Monday, 4 October 2021

4th October.


I have just started this book.I have lost my reading mojo recently so picked the above book.I needed a page turner and I have just read the first hundred pages and I am hooked.Hope the rest is promising.Any reading suggestions welcomed.
It has rained non stop today and cold too.I havn’t stepped foot outside.I have read the “I” newspaper,done the quick crossword and a few other puzzles but was defeated by the harder sudoku.
Good night on the TV tonight.Silent Witness at 9pm.We don’t watch much tv before then but record University Challenge,Mastermind and Only Connect.Over tea /supper we may watch the new edition of Eggheads.I love quiz programmes.I have done no housework whatsoever (shameful) but I have a very bad back.I really don’t know what to do about it.I couldn’t get a GP appointment.Should I see a physio?Maybe,but they will just tell me I am overweight and old and I know that.
Back tomorrow.Barbaraxxx


  1. Rest your back, I get issues with mine, often after gardening, I have a comfortable high back chair, which I can rest in. Hope you are feeling better soon. I'm not reading much, busy with craft.

  2. My own lower back issue is now causing awful pain down right leg - my doc is sending me to physiotherapy prior to any tests or injections - I will start on Monday and hope to get relief. Like you I can't clean house/garden etc. right now - all too painful - aging is not pretty!!!!!

    Glad you are enjoying your book. I just purchased Anthony Doerr's new one - "Cloud Cuckoo Land" - because his novel "All The Light We Cannot See" and also his books of short stories, are all such favorites of mine, he is a wonderful writer.

    Happy autumn days - hope you get some help for your back.
    Mary -

  3. Hope your back feels better soon. I find heat helps for me. A hot water bottle or similar. You might like the Libby Page book I mention on my blog post today. B x